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Player Name: Nerdman
Player Journal: [personal profile] nerdman42
Age: 18
Contact: PM this journal or [ profile] nerdman42
Characters Played: Formerly Dan

Name: Dr. Linksano
Canon: Atop the Fourth Wall
Canon Point: Post-"Superman: For the Animals" in The Machinations of Worms arc.
History: A basic outline of Linksano’s history

Here’s Linksano’s life as I understand it. Many years ago, he lived in the “Party Mania” universe as Oscar Schlumper. He and his brother Wayne Schlumper spent their time utilizing SCIENCE for both the fun of it and to impress girls. At some point in their lives, they presumably built a machine that could either allow them to traverse universes or merely take a glimpse into them. This fact is mere speculation, merely to establish that Oscar Schlumper/Dr. Linksano learned of a universe conqueror named Lord Vyce.

Fearing for his life, Dr. Linksano escaped his universe as Lord Vyce closed in on it. The fate of his brother Wayne remains unknown.

Linksano implies that he spent quite a long amount of time universe-hopping to avoid Lord Vyce. During this time, he discovered and experienced dimensional effects from the universes he leaped into. Some universes can quickly assimilate anyone that enters it. Some people just aren’t supposed to exist in a certain universe, which the universe responds by destroying them. An item from a person’s original universe can be used as an anchor to help with the process, but its difficult to make.

Linksano most likely spent his time committing villainous, but ultimately harmless, schemes with the power of SCIENCE until Vyce arrived in that universe. He eventually arrived in the dimension of one internet reviewer named Linkara, the main champion and defender of the universe. Linksano quickly became jealous of his counterpart in this universe: Dr. Insano. Hoping to become the greater scientist, he decided to defeat Linkara with greater scientific power!

He was defeated many times by Pollo, Linkara’s robot buddy, before Vyce arrived once more. He bid Linkara farewell, giving a cryptic warning about Vyce’s arrival (because he’s an overdramatic asshole).

During the next few months, Vyce used his resources to attack Linkara. At some point, Linkara decided to call Linksano and suggest that he act as a mole within Vyce’s forces. Eager to defeat one of his enemies, Linksano proceeded to aid both sides of the conflict. As soon as an opening arose, he allowed the Angry Joe Army to get onto Vyce’s ship, destroying his army. Within minutes, Vyce was defeated and trapped on a planet for the rest of his life.

He planned on taking over once more, but Linkara distracted him with a Jr. Chemistry playset, preventing him from defeating his other foe for a while. Before the charm of the playset wore off, he was consumed by a demented creature known as “the Entity.” Following the elder god’s defeat, he respawned with everyone else in the universe. He decided to take a minor break from his world domination plans by playing Pokemon with the others.

Within a few weeks, Linksano attempted to once again destroy Linkara through the use of a prototype Cybermat. Instead of beating the crap out of him, Linkara proceeded to give the scientist an offer: work for him. With enemies still out there to fight, the reviewer decided he wanted a scientific advisor. The discussion quickly turns to why Linksano wants to take over the world in the first place. Linkara is quick to point out a variety of flaws in Linksano’s world conquering plans: mainly rebellions, managing governments, dealing with economies, and a variety of problems. This eventually leads Linksano to a realization: he doesn’t want to take over the world. He mostly just wants to do what he wants and have a good time. Linkara proceeds to repeat his offer with a few benefits: a lab to build science stuff in, a holodeck to mess around with, and science stuff that sparkles but doesn’t actually do anything. Linksano accepts the job, but is warned that any attempted betrayals will be harshly dealt with.

And so Linksano became a kind of good guy. Linksano’s time was mostly spent in the background helping fight bad guys, with a few notable incidents here and there.

Linkara and co. were visited by a man they called “The Gunslinger”. After the man’s arrival, all of Linkara’s magical weapons stopped working. Linksano voices his suspicions that Dr. Insano is suppressing the magic, sending Linkara on what would turn out to be a goose chase. This ultimately led to Linkara deciding to search for an expert in magic, leaving his friends (and Linksano) with a holographic version of himself. It was around this time that Linksano most likely began to research magic.

Holokara initially seemed harmless, but quickly proved himself to be incredibly murderous and evil. Linksano, Harvey Finevoice, and 90s Kid attempted to defeat the hologram, before Linkara returned to finish the job. Linkara revealed to his friends that Holokara was what he would become if he hadn’t lost his magic. While Harvey Finevoice initially refused the explanation, Linksano accepted the reasoning, noting that people can justify anything they do for “the greater good.”

Months later, Dr. Linksano, Linkara, Harvey Finevoice, and 90s Kid found themselves trapped in Linkara’s apartment with an invisible monster. Paranoia began to run rampant among the four, as Finevoice voiced his suspicions and anger feelings towards the others. This eventually led to the other engaging in a large fight before 90s Kid destroyed the creature causing the incident. Nonetheless, Dr. Linksano gained a personal grudge with Finevoice thanks to the argument.

Later on, Linksano revealed the nature of dimensional effects to his comrades after discovering the Gunslinger’s, otherwise known as Jaeris’, past. He then assisted Linkara in defeating Dr. Insano during another bid for power.

For the Christmas of 2013, the doctor brought a Foam Walking Lizard to life as a present to Linkara. Linkara was baffled and exasperated with the result, but Linksano seemingly failed to notice. He continued to work on a variety of inventions, including wrist communicators, integrating magic and technology, and freeze darts. He’ll soon find himself waking up in a universe he never expected to see...
Personality:Linksano is a stereotypical mad scientist, straight out of an old B-movie. He delights in putting things together, tearing them apart, and generally playing god. As such, he carries a number of traits typical for his type of character.

For one thing, he’s arrogant. He’s entirely convinced that he’s the smartest person in the room and is fairly happy to tell everyone about it. He loves to brag and gloat and cackle wickedly whenever possible. However, he considers his work to be more important than his ego and will ignore a few minor insults or even a variety of explosions around him for the sake of learning one new thing. Thanks to that arrogance, Linksano often takes huge leaps in conclusions without any evidence to back it up. He believed that he created an incredibly powerful weapon from a Junior Chemistry playset, despite not even knowing what he created. While his arrogance is less pronounced upon joining Team Linkara, he still displays a smug demeanor and he occasionally makes a leap here and there. Being very prideful, he thoroughly enjoys it when his good qualities are acknowledged.

Despite his quirks, he considers himself a realist. He firmly believes that “good intentions pave the road to hell” and things often won’t work out for the best. Its thanks to this mentality that he’s quick to join whatever side he believes will benefit him the most. After all, if the universe is shit and everything could go wrong at any given moment, its best to just have as much fun as possible before it does.

He has a few hobbies outside of science. He enjoys reading or watching anything with a scientific angle and his constant presence around internet reviewers has caused him to gain knowledge of other works. He’s also sunk enough hours into Pokemon to have a lv. 255 Mewtwo, either by playing Pokemon from a universe where levels don’t max at 100 or by blatant hacking. He also plays the card game "World's Greatest Villain". Most of his time, however, is spent on scientific research and creation, particularly in double checking information Linkara may have rattled off during his show.
Strengths: First and foremost, Linksano is a scientist. All of his identity is located in this fact and its what he focuses on the most. He’s spent his entire life developing incredible inventions from scanners, to weapons, to portals connecting into alternate dimensions. He’s multiple steps ahead from anyone else in his field of study, at least in Linkara’s universe. His experience in all things scientific, as well a love of working on projects, has helped him develop ways to quickly and efficiently create new technologies. Its likely that he has picked up multiple time management and multi-tasking skills.
Weaknesses: Linksano spends most of his time in his lab. He doesn’t get out much and has very little for him going physically. The most exercise he gets is racing against time to fight the latest bad guy.

Despite his intellectual prowess, Linksano has a habit of overlooking critical flaws or details. He has invented multiple inventions that he still doesn’t know how to operate or even what they do. Linkara easily pointed out the various problems he’d encounter when taking over the world, something he had never considered. He tends to arrogantly assume that his ideas can not possibly fail until he watches them crash and burn.

His love for science has left him completely in the dark on how to operate magical objects. Although he began to study magic recently as a way to further his scientific knowledge, he openly admits that he is only just learning the subject and is nowhere close to becoming an expert.
1. His goggles
2. A phaser
3. A scanner
4. The Walking Foam Lizard
Pony/Animal Type: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A chemistry set
Pony Picture: Look, he probably has greyish fur with a brown mane. And swirly eyes goggles

First Person:
[There’s a quick flurry of motion and mild cursing on the scrolls before a goggled unicorn appears. He has an air of smugness on his features, although his eyes are hidden behind his massive swirly-eye goggles.]

Greetings, strange mutant equines of Universe 83-B! No doubt you’ve found yourself feeling pretty relaxed as of late, having dealt with many supervillainous threats... But a new foe has entered to conquer your pitiful universe! Bid greeting to your new lord and master, scientific villain Dr. Linksano! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHHAAH!

Now, I will allow many of you live out your days in peace and merriment, as long as the following demands are met! One! Access to all your universe-hopping technology! Two! The device attached to said technology that grabs incredibly handsome individuals such as myself and pulls them here! Three! A Junior Chemist’s playset! Or whatever your universe’s equivalent is, I’m not picking. Four! General information pertaining to this realm. A map would be nice. And Five! Hot! Babes! Or a virtual facsimile!

You have been given your demands, Pony World! Obey them, less you face the consequences!


[And with another evil laugh out of the way, Linksano closes the scrol. Yep. Clearly this was the best way to get back home before Linkara noticed. This plan was going to work wonders.]
Third Person:
Long story short, Dr. Linksano has been pretty busy as of late. After the disaster with his first scroll post to the city, people haven’t been particularly… warm to the doctor. Understandable. Really rude and unnecessary it was an honest mistake but understandable. Of course, he’s plenty surprised by the presence of Iron Liz and Finevoice. Iron Liz is useful, even if she was a little too sassy for her own good. Finevoice though? He’s a pain, untrustworthy, and generally useless in a fight with magical beings. As for Pollo… he’ll have to look into what he’s heard about this version of Pollo.
In any case, he’s been trying to at least get some productive work done. Enough to get people to stop being RUDE. He started by setting up a few electronic scanning points all across town. As the epicenter of the magical activity, this is the first place to get some research done. So, the random blinking sticks get shoved into the ground every two hundred feet or so.
He focuses his attention on his little scanner, monitoring the readings, searching for the slightest hole in hypertime. Even if they couldn’t reach it, it’d be promising to know there was an escape.

Judging by the expression on his face, things haven’t been too promising.